Private Co-Ed Schools in the US

School Name City State Grades Gender Boarding School Size
Abington Friends School Jenkintown  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     650 
Academy at the Lakes Land O'Lakes  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     400 
Academy of the New Church Bryn Athyn  PA  9-12  Co-Ed  200 
Academy Prep Foundation-St. Petersburg St. Petersburg  FL  5-8  Co-Ed     804 
Albuquerque Academy Albuquerque  NM  6-12  Co-Ed     1122 
Alexander Dawson School Lafayette  CO  K-12  Co-Ed     420 
Alexander Montessori School Miami  FL  PK-5  Co-Ed     560 
All Saints Academy Winter Haven  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     600 
All Saints' Episcopal Day School Carmel  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     220 
Andrews Osborne Academy Willoughby  OH  PK-12  Co-Ed  340 
Annie Wright School Tacoma  WA  PK-12  Co-Ed  454 
Applewild School Fitchburg  MA  PK-9  Co-Ed     270 
Asheville School Asheville  NC  9-12  Co-Ed  285 
Aspen Country Day School Aspen  CO  PK-8  Co-Ed     208 
Athens Academy Athens  GA  PK-12  Co-Ed     917 
Atlanta Academy Roswell  GA  PK-8  Co-Ed     243 
Atlanta International School Atlanta  GA  K-12  Co-Ed     1000 
Austin Preparatory School Reading  MA  6-12  Co-Ed     726 
Avery Coonley School Downers Grove  IL  PK-8  Co-Ed     378 
Barat Academy Dardenne Prairie  MO  9-12  Co-Ed     260 
Baton Rouge International School Baton Rouge  LA  PS-12  Co-Ed     350 
Baylor School Chattanooga  TN  6-12  Co-Ed  1040 
Beacon Academy Boston  MA  Co-Ed     21 
Beaver Country Day School Chestnut Hill  MA  6-12  Co-Ed  464 
Belmont Day School Belmont  MA  PK-8  Co-Ed     270 
Bement School Deerfield  MA  K-9  Co-Ed  206 
Bentley School Lafayette  CA  K-12  Co-Ed     589 
Berkeley Preparatory School Tampa  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     1250 
Berkshire School Sheffield  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  399 
Berwick Academy South Berwick  ME  K-12  Co-Ed     587 
Besant Hill School of Happy Valley Ojai  CA  9-12  Co-Ed  520 
Bishop Brady High School Concord  NH  9-12  Co-Ed     425 
Blair Academy Blairstown  NJ  9-12  Co-Ed  460 
Blessed Trinity Catholic High School Roswell  GA  9-12  Co-Ed     935 
Bolles School Jacksonville  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed  1622 
Boston Trinity Academy Boston  MA  6-12  Co-Ed     217 
Boston University Academy Boston  MA  9-12  Co-Ed     158 
Bradford Christian Academy Bradford  MA  5-12  Co-Ed      
Brandeis Hillel Day School San Francisco  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     400 
Brewster Academy Wolfeboro  NH  9-12  Co-Ed  360 
Brimmer and May School Chestnut Hill  MA  PK-12  Co-Ed     405 
Brooks School North Andover  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  370 
Brookwood School Manchester  MA  PK-8  Co-Ed     408 
Buckingham Browne & Nichols School Cambridge  MA  PK-12  Co-Ed     997 
Buckingham Friends School Lahaska  PA  K-8  Co-Ed     175 
Buckley Country Day School Roslyn  NY  Toddler - 8th grade  Co-Ed     330 
Buxton School Williamstown  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  90 
C.C.B. School of Westchester Hartsdale  NY  1-12  Co-Ed     120 
Canterbury School New Milford  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  320 
Canterbury School Fort Myers  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     632 
Canyonville Christian Academy Canyonville  OR  9-12  Co-Ed  148 
Cape Cod Academy Osterville  MA  K-12  Co-Ed     380 
Carolina Day School Asheville  NC  PK-12  Co-Ed     671 
Carolina Friends School Durham  NC  PK-12  Co-Ed     493 
Carroll School Lincoln  MA  1-9  Co-Ed     336 
Carrollwood Day School Tampa  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     795 
Cary Academy Cary  NC  6-12  Co-Ed     734 
Cate School Carpinteria  CA  9-12  Co-Ed  270 
Cathedral School of St. John the Divine New York  NY  K-8  Co-Ed     280 
Catlin Gabel School Portland  OR  PK-12  Co-Ed     737 
Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School Waltham  MA  9-PG  Co-Ed  180 
Chapin School Top 25 Princeton  NJ  PK-8  Co-Ed     314 
Charles Armstrong School Belmont  CA  1-8  Co-Ed     250 
Charles River School Dover  MA  PK-8  Co-Ed     217 
Charles Wright Academy Tacoma  WA  PK-12  Co-Ed     697 
Charleston Day School Charleston  SC  1-8  Co-Ed     179 
Charlotte Country Day School Charlotte  NC  K-12  Co-Ed     1620 
Charlotte Latin School Charlotte  NC  K-12  Co-Ed     1391 
Chase Collegiate School Waterbury  CT  PK-12  Co-Ed     451 
Chatham Day School Chatham  NJ  PK-8  Co-Ed     175 
Cheshire Academy Cheshire  CT  6-PG  Co-Ed  437 
Chesterfield Day School Chesterfield  MO  Toddler through 6  Co-Ed     209 
Children's Day School San Francisco  CA  PS-8  Co-Ed     350 
Chinese American International School San Francisco  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     450 
Choate Rosemary Hall Top 25 Wallingford  CT  9-12  Co-Ed  865 
Christ Episcopal School Rockville  MD  PK-8  Co-Ed     174 
Christian Central Academy Williamsville  NY  K-12  Co-Ed     423 
City Academy Saint Louis  MO  JK-6  Co-Ed     131 
Collegiate School Top 25 Richmond  VA  K-12  Co-Ed     1545 
Colorado Academy Denver  CO  PK-12  Co-Ed     909 
Colorado Rocky Mountain School Carbondale  CO  9-12  Co-Ed  176 
Colorado Timberline Academy Durango  CO  9-PG  Co-Ed  45 
Columbia Independent School Columbia  MO  PK-12  Co-Ed     304 
Commonwealth School Top 25 Boston  MA  9-12  Co-Ed     151 
Community Preparatory School Providence  RI  3-8  Co-Ed     152 
Community School St. Louis  MO  PK-6  Co-Ed     340 
Community School of Naples Naples  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     800 
Concord Academy Concord  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  382 
Country School Easton  MD  K-8  Co-Ed     288 
Cranbrook Schools Bloomfield Hills  MI  PK-12  Co-Ed  1659 
Crane School Santa Barbara  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     260 
Crossroads College Preparatory School St. Louis  MO  7-12  Co-Ed     233 
Crystal Springs Uplands School Hillsborough  CA  6-12  Co-Ed     350 
Cushing Academy Ashburnham  MA  9-PG  Co-Ed  400 
Dalton School Top 25 New York  NY  K-12  Co-Ed     1306 
Darrow School New Lebanon  NY  9-12  Co-Ed  107 
De La Salle Academy New York  NY  6-8  Co-Ed     147 
Dedham Country Day School Dedham  MA  PK-8  Co-Ed     258 
Deerfield Academy Top 25 Deerfield  MA  9-PG  Co-Ed  650 
Derby Academy Hingham  MA  PK-8  Co-Ed     333 
Donna Klein Jewish Academy Boca Raton  FL  K-12  Co-Ed     713 
Drew School San Francisco  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     260 
Dublin School Dublin  NH  9-12  Co-Ed  150 
Dunn School Los Olivos  CA  6-12  Co-Ed  162 
Durham Academy Durham  NC  PK-12  Co-Ed     1145 
Dutchess Day School Millbrook  NY  PS-8  Co-Ed     176 
Dwight-Englewood School Englewood  NJ  PK-12  Co-Ed     897 
East Woods School Oyster Bay  NY  PK-9  Co-Ed     284 
Easton Country Day School Easton  CT  PK-12  Co-Ed     175 
Edward Brooke Charter School Roslindale  MA  K-8  Co-Ed     400 
Erie Day School Erie  PA  PK-8  Co-Ed     154 
Excel Academy Charter School East Boston  MA  5-8  Co-Ed     212 
Fairmont Private Schools - Preparatory Academy Anaheim  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     480 
Falmouth Academy Falmouth  MA  7-12  Co-Ed     215 
Far Brook School Short Hills  NJ  Nursery - 8  Co-Ed     226 
Far Hills Country Day School Far Hills  NJ  PK-8  Co-Ed     444 
Florida Prep Academy Melbourne  FL  6-12  Co-Ed  350 
Foote School New Haven  CT  K-9  Co-Ed     470 
Forsyth School St Louis  MO  PK-6  Co-Ed     384 
Fountain Valley School of Colorado Colorado Springs  CO  9-12  Co-Ed  235 
Frederica Academy Saint Simons Island  GA  K-12  Co-Ed     426 
French American International School Portland  OR  PK-8  Co-Ed     550 
Friends Academy Locust Valley  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     750 
Friends Select School Philadelphia  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     545 
Friends' Central School Wynnewood  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     978 
Fryeburg Academy Fryeburg  ME  9-PG  Co-Ed  579 
Galloway School Atlanta  GA  ages 3 to 12  Co-Ed     725 
Gann Academy: The New Jewish High School Waltham  MA  9-12  Co-Ed     316 
George School Newtown  PA  9-12  Co-Ed  541 
George Stevens Academy Blue Hill  ME  9-12  Co-Ed  319 
Germantown Academy Fort Washington  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     1122 
Germantown Friends School Philadelphia  PA  K-12  Co-Ed     897 
Gill St. Bernard's School Gladstone  NJ  PK-12  Co-Ed     655 
Gilmour Academy Gates Mills  OH  K-12  Co-Ed  650 
Glen Urquhart School Beverly Farms  MA  K-8  Co-Ed     235 
Gould Academy Bethel  ME  9-12  Co-Ed  250 
Grace Episcopal Day School Kensington  MD  PK-5  Co-Ed     140 
Grandview Preparatory School Boca Raton  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     222 
Green Vale School Old Brookville  NY  PK-9  Co-Ed     468 
Greenhills School Ann Arbor  MI  6-12  Co-Ed     500 
Greens Farms Academy Greens Farms  CT  K-12  Co-Ed     660 
Greenwich Country Day School Greenwich  CT  PK-9  Co-Ed     855 
Groton School Top 25 Groton  MA  8-12  Co-Ed  380 
Gulf Stream School Gulf Stream  FL  PK-8  Co-Ed     269 
Gulliver Schools Coral Gables  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     2200 
Gunston Day School Centreville  MD  9-12  Co-Ed     1336 
Hackley School Tarrytown  NY  K-12  Co-Ed  844 
Hamden Hall Country Day School Hamden  CT  PK-12  Co-Ed     565 
Hammond School Columbia  SC  PK-12  Co-Ed     980 
Harbor Country Day School St. James  NY  N-8  Co-Ed     142 
Harker School San Jose  CA  K-12  Co-Ed     1748 
Harvard Westlake School Top 25 Studio City  CA  7-12  Co-Ed     1597 
Hawaii Baptist Academy Honolulu  HI  K-12  Co-Ed     1121 
Hebron Academy Hebron  ME  6-PG  Co-Ed  257 
High Mowing School Wilton  NH  9-12  Co-Ed  120 
Holderness School Plymouth  NH  9-12  Co-Ed  280 
Holy Innocents' Episcopal School Atlanta  GA  PK-12  Co-Ed     1411 
Holy Nativity School Honolulu  HI  PK-6  Co-Ed     165 
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Melbourne  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     840 
Hoosac School Hoosick  NY  8-PG  Co-Ed  125 
Hopkins School Top 25 New Haven  CT  7-12  Co-Ed     681 
Horace Mann School Top 25 Bronx  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     1781 
Hotchkiss School Top 25 Lakeville  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  627 
Houghton Academy Houghton  NY  6-PG  Co-Ed  126 
Hyde School Woodstock  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  140 
Hyde School Bath  ME  9-PG  Co-Ed  138 
Idyllwild Arts Academy Idyllwild  CA  9-PG  Co-Ed  300 
Independent Day School Middlefield  CT  PK-8  Co-Ed     200 
Indian Mountain School Lakeville  CT  PK-9  Co-Ed  260 
Indian Springs School Pelham  AL  8-12  Co-Ed  309 
Interlochen Arts Academy Interlochen  MI  9-12  Co-Ed  475 
International High School San Francisco  CA  PK-8 (French), 9-12 (Internationl)  Co-Ed     946 
International School of the Peninsula Palo Alto  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     576 
Iolani School Honolulu  HI  K-12  Co-Ed     1855 
Isidore Newman School New Orleans  LA  PK-12  Co-Ed     1018 
Jewish Community High School of the Bay San Francisco  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     184 
John Burroughs School St. Louis  MO  7-12  Co-Ed     600 
Kehillah Jewish High School Palo Alto  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     135 
Kent School Kent  CT  9-12  Co-Ed  570 
Kent School, Inc. Chestertown  MD  PK-8  Co-Ed     190 
Kents Hill School Kents Hill  ME  9-PG  Co-Ed  225 
Kimball Union Academy Meriden  NH  9-PG  Co-Ed  339 
King Low Heywood Thomas (King) Stamford  CT  PK-12  Co-Ed     685 
Kingswood Oxford School West Hartford  CT  6-12  Co-Ed     5057 
KIPP Academy Lynn Lynn  MA  5-9  Co-Ed     375 
KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy San Diego  CA  5-8  Co-Ed     360 
KIPP Ascend Charter School Chicago  IL  K-8  Co-Ed     550 
KIPP Bayview Academy San Francisco  CA  5-8  Co-Ed     253 
KIPP Bridge Charter School Oakland  CA  5-8  Co-Ed     265 
KIPP Metro Atlanta Collaborative Atlanta  GA  5-8  Co-Ed     700 
KIPP Reach College Preparatory Oklahoma City  OK  5-8  Co-Ed     300 
KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy San Francisco  CA  5-8  Co-Ed     335 
KIPP Summit Academy San Lorenzo  CA  5-8  Co-Ed     395 
KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy Denver  CO  5-8  Co-Ed     370 
KIPP Ujima Village Academy Baltimore  MD  5-8  Co-Ed     332 
Lake Forest Academy Lake Forest  IL  9-12  Co-Ed  430 
Lake Forest Country Day School Lake Forest  IL  PK-8  Co-Ed     470 
Lake Highland Preparatory School Orlando  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     2500 
Lakeside School Seattle  WA  5-12  Co-Ed     783 
Landmark School Manchester  MA  2-12  Co-Ed  472 
Lawrence Academy Groton  MA  9-12  Co-Ed     400 
Lawrence Woodmere Academy Woodmere  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     345 
Lawrenceville School Top 25 Lawrenceville  NJ  9-PG  Co-Ed  822 
Lehrman Community Day School Miami Beach  FL  Toddler-5  Co-Ed     300 
Lexington Christian Academy Lexington  MA  6-12  Co-Ed  305 
Lick-Wilmerding High School San Francisco  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     441 
Live Oak School San Francisco  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     274 
Loomis Chaffee School Windsor  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  675 
Lovett School Atlanta  GA  K-12  Co-Ed     1589 
Loyola School New York  NY  9-12  Co-Ed     202 
Lutheran High School of Hawaii Honolulu  HI  9-12  Co-Ed     135 
Lyndon Institute Lyndon Center  VT  9-12  Co-Ed  585 
MacDuffie School Springfield  MA  6-12  Co-Ed  190 
Maine Central Institute Pittsfield  ME  9-PG  Co-Ed  450 
Maine School of Science & Mathematics Limestone  ME  9-12  Co-Ed  140 
Marianapolis Preparatory School Thompson  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  400 
Marin Academy San Rafael  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     400 
Marin Country Day School Corte Madera  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     560 
Marin Horizon School Mill Valley  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     284 
Marin Primary & Middle School Larkspur  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     354 
Marist School Atlanta  GA  7-12  Co-Ed     1090 
Marvelwood School Kent  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  172 
Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School St. Louis  MO  JK-12  Co-Ed     1210 
Maryknoll School Honolulu  HI  PK-12  Co-Ed     1400 
Maumee Valley Country Day School Toledo  OH  PK-12  Co-Ed     500 
McDonogh School Owing Mills  MD  K-12  Co-Ed  1350 
McLean School of Maryland Potomac  MD  K-12  Co-Ed     436 
Meadowbrook School Meadowbrook  PA  PK-6  Co-Ed     126 
Meadowbrook School of Weston, Inc. Weston  MA  JK-8  Co-Ed     305 
Menlo School Atherton  CA  6-12  Co-Ed     795 
Mercersburg Academy Mercersburg  PA  9-12  Co-Ed  441 
Metairie Park Country Day School Metairie  LA  PK-12  Co-Ed     752 
Miami Country Day School Miami  FL  JK-12  Co-Ed     950 
Mid-Pacific Institute Honolulu  HI  PK-12  Co-Ed     1550 
Middlesex School Top 25 Concord  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  395 
Midland School Los Olivos  CA  9-12  Co-Ed  85 
Millbrook School Millbrook  NY  9-12  Co-Ed  310 
Milton Academy Top 25 Milton  MA  K-12  Co-Ed  1015 
Milton Hershey School Hershey  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed  1838 
Mizzentop Day School Pawling  NY  N-8  Co-Ed     160 
Monarch School Heron  MT  9-12  Co-Ed     67 
Montclair Kimberley Academy Montclair  NJ  PK-12  Co-Ed     959 
Monte Vista Christian School Watsonville  CA  6-12  Co-Ed  802 
Montessori School of Raleigh Raleigh  NC  PS-9  Co-Ed     380 
Montverde Academy Montverde  FL  PK3 - PG  Co-Ed  1189 
Mooreland Hill School Kensington  CT  4-9  Co-Ed     48 
Moravian Academy Bethlehem  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     802 
Morristown-Beard School Morristown  NJ  6-12  Co-Ed     544 
Moses Brown School Providence  RI  PK-12  Co-Ed     775 
Mount Madonna School Mount Madonna  CA  PS-12  Co-Ed     215 
Mount Pisgah Christian School Johns Creek  GA  PS-12  Co-Ed     1000 
Mount Tamalpais School Mill Valley  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     240 
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Atlanta  GA  PS-12  Co-Ed     740 
Mt. Bethel Christian Academy Marietta  GA  PK-8  Co-Ed     489 
New Canaan Country School New Canaan  CT  PK-9  Co-Ed     621 
New City School St. Louis  MO  age 3 through 6th  Co-Ed     374 
New Hampton School New Hampton  NH  9-PG  Co-Ed  325 
Newark Academy Livingston  NJ  6-12  Co-Ed     565 
Newtown Friends School Newtown  PA  PK-8  Co-Ed     306 
Noble and Greenough School Top 25 Dedham  MA  7-12  Co-Ed  613 
North Country School Lake Placid  NY  4-9  Co-Ed  89 
North Yarmouth Academy Yarmouth  ME  5-12  Co-Ed     295 
Northfield Mount Hermon School Mount Hermon  MA  9-PG  Co-Ed  650 
Northwood School Lake Placid  NY  9-PG  Co-Ed  175 
Norwood School Bethesda  MD  K-8  Co-Ed     530 
Notre Dame Academy Duluth  GA  PK3-8  Co-Ed     462 
Oak Grove School Ojai  CA  PK-12  Co-Ed  230 
Oakwood Friends School Poughkeepsie  NY  6-12  Co-Ed  173 
Ojai Valley School Ojai  CA  PK-12  Co-Ed  287 
Olney Friends School Barnesville  OH  9-12  Co-Ed  55 
Oregon Episcopal School Portland  OR  PK-12  Co-Ed  850 
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School Fayetteville  GA  9-12  Co-Ed     350 
Our Redeemer Lutheran Elementary School Honolulu  HI  PS-8  Co-Ed     150 
Pace Academy Atlanta  GA  Pre-1st through 12th  Co-Ed     1015 
Pacific Buddhist Academy Honolulu  HI  9-12  Co-Ed     64 
Packer Collegiate Institute Brooklyn Heights  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     998 
Palm Beach Day Academy Palm Beach  FL  PK2-9  Co-Ed     510 
Park School Brookline  MA  N-9  Co-Ed     563 
Peck School Morristown  NJ  K-8  Co-Ed     338 
Perkiomen School Pennsburg  PA  6-PG  Co-Ed  351 
Phillips Academy Top 25 Andover  MA  9-PG  Co-Ed  1150 
Phillips Exeter Academy Top 25 Exeter  NH  9–12, PG  Co-Ed  1060 
Pine Cobble School Williamstown  MA  Toddler through grade 9  Co-Ed     115 
Pine Crest School Fort Lauderdale  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     1680 
Pine Crest School at Boca Raton Campus Boca Raton  FL  PK-8  Co-Ed     885 
Pine Point School Stonington  CT  PK-9  Co-Ed     268 
Pinecrest Academy Cumming  GA  PK-12  Co-Ed     883 
Pingree School South Hamilton  MA  9-12  Co-Ed     340 
Pingry School Martinsville  NJ  K-12  Co-Ed     1053 
Poly Prep Country Day School Brooklyn  NY  N-12  Co-Ed     970 
Pomfret School Pomfret  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  350 
Porter-Gaud School Charleston  SC  1-12  Co-Ed     877 
Portledge School Locust Valley  NY  PN-12  Co-Ed     414 
Portsmouth Abbey School Portsmouth  RI  9-12  Co-Ed  360 
Presidio Hill School San Francisco  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     195 
Princeton Day School Princeton  NJ  K-12  Co-Ed     910 
Princeton Montessori School Princeton  NJ  PK-8  Co-Ed     247 
Proctor Academy Andover  NH  9-12  Co-Ed  360 
Providence Academy Plymouth  MN  PK-12  Co-Ed     900 
Providence Country Day School East Providence  RI  5-12  Co-Ed     302 
Punahou School Honolulu  HI  K-12  Co-Ed     3760 
Putney School Putney  VT  9-12  Co-Ed  238 
Rabbi Alexander S. Gross Hebrew Academy Miami  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     500 
Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School Rabun Gap  GA  6-12  Co-Ed  460 
Radcliffe Creek School Chestertown  MD  PK-8  Co-Ed     94 
Rancho Solano Preparatory School Glendale  AZ  PS-12  Co-Ed  55 
Ransom Everglades School Coconut Grove  FL  6-12  Co-Ed     1069 
Ravenscroft School Raleigh  NC  PK-12  Co-Ed     1237 
Rectory School Pomfret  CT  K-9  Co-Ed  250 
Renbrook School West Hartford  CT  jK-9  Co-Ed     450 
Ridgefield Academy Ridgefield  CT  PK-8  Co-Ed     611 
Ring Mountain Day School Mill Valley  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     114 
Rippowam Cisqua School Bedford  NY  PK-9  Co-Ed     504 
Riverdale Country School Bronx  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     1060 
Rivers School Weston  MA  6-12  Co-Ed     451 
Riverstone International School Boise  ID  PS-12  Co-Ed     344 
Riviera Preparatory School Coral Gables  FL  PS-12  Co-Ed      
Robert Treat Academy Charter School Newark  NJ  K-8  Co-Ed  525 
Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School Foster City  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     215 
Rosarian Academy West Palm Beach  FL  PK-8  Co-Ed     421 
Ross School East Hampton  NY  K-12  Co-Ed  520 
Rossman School Saint Louis  MO  PK-6  Co-Ed     230 
Roxbury Preparatory School Roxbury  MA  6-8  Co-Ed     258 
Rumsey Hall School Washington Depot  CT  K-9  Co-Ed  335 
Rumson Country Day School Rumson  NJ  Beginners - 8  Co-Ed     450 
Rutgers Preparatory School Somerset  NJ  PK-12  Co-Ed     712 
Rye Country Day School Rye  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     876 
Sage Hill School Newport Coast  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     450 
Saint Andrew's School Boca Raton  FL  JK-12  Co-Ed  1300 
Saint Bernard Preparatory School, Inc. Cullman  AL  7-12  Co-Ed  155 
Saint James School St. James  MD  8-12  Co-Ed  233 
Saint Mark's School San Rafael  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     380 
Saint Paul's School Clearwater  FL  PK3-8  Co-Ed     341 
Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School N. Miami Beach  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     1100 
San Domenico School San Anselmo  CA  PK-12  Co-Ed  640 
San Francisco Day School San Francisco  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     410 
San Francisco Friends School San Francisco  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     400 
San Francisco University High School San Francisco  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     403 
Sandy Spring Friends School Sandy Spring  MD  PK-12  Co-Ed  570 
Sanford School Hockessin  DE  JK-12  Co-Ed     617 
Sayre School Lexington  KY  K-12  Co-Ed     610 
Seacoast Academy Hampton Falls  NH  6-8  Co-Ed     59 
Seacrest Country Day School Naples  FL  PS-12  Co-Ed     600 
Shady Hill School Cambridge  MA  PK-8  Co-Ed     515 
Shattuck-St. Mary's School Faribault  MN  6-PG  Co-Ed  438 
Shore Country Day School Beverly  MA  PK-9  Co-Ed     435 
Shorecrest Preparatory School St. Petersburg  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     1000 
Smith Leadership Academy Dorchester  MA  6-8  Co-Ed     220 
Solebury School New Hope  PA  7-12  Co-Ed  235 
Sonoma Academy Santa Rosa  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     236 
Sonoma Country Day School Santa Rosa  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     250 
South Shore Christian Academy Weymouth  MA  PK-12  Co-Ed     271 
Southwestern Academy San Marino  CA  6-PG  Co-Ed  144 
Sparhawk School Amesbury  MA  PK-12  Co-Ed   
St. Andrew's Episcopal School Potomac  MD  PK-12  Co-Ed     544 
St. Andrew's Episcopal School Ridgeland  MS  PK-12  Co-Ed     1200 
St. Andrew's School Barrington  RI  3-12  Co-Ed  212 
St. Andrew's School Middletown  DE  9-12  Co-Ed  310 
St. Andrew's-Sewanee School Sewanee  TN  6-12  Co-Ed  247 
St. David's School Raleigh  NC  K-12  Co-Ed     626 
St. Edmund's Academy Pittsburgh  PA  PK-8  Co-Ed     298 
St. Edward's School Vero Beach  FL  K-12  Co-Ed     727 
St. Francis School Honolulu  HI  PK-12  Co-Ed     428 
St. George's School Middletown  RI  9-12  Co-Ed  371 
St. John Greek Orthodox Day School Tampa  FL  PK3-8  Co-Ed     125 
St. Johnsbury Academy St. Johnsbury  VT  9-12  Co-Ed  930 
St. Mark's Episcopal School Fort Lauderdale  FL  PK3-8  Co-Ed     600 
St. Mark's School Top 25 Southborough  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  364 
St. Martin's Episcopal School Atlanta  GA  PS-8  Co-Ed     575 
St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School San Mateo  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     230 
St. Michael's Country Day School Newport  RI  PK-8  Co-Ed     230 
St. Paul's School Top 25 Concord  NH  9-12  Co-Ed  531 
St. Peter's School Philadelphia  PA  PK-8  Co-Ed     215 
St. Philips Academy Newark  NJ  K-8  Co-Ed     340 
St. Pius X Catholic High School Atlanta  GA  9-12  Co-Ed     1116 
St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School Coconut Grove  FL  PK-6  Co-Ed     304 
Stanley Clark School South Bend  IN  PK-8  Co-Ed     327 
Stanwich School Greenwich  CT  PK-12  Co-Ed     425 
Stevenson School Pebble Beach  CA  PK-12  Co-Ed  750 
Stuart Hall Staunton  VA  PK-12  Co-Ed  300 
Suffield Academy Suffield  CT  9-12  Co-Ed  413 
Tabor Academy Marion  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  513 
Taft School Watertown  CT  9 to 12  Co-Ed  596 
Tallulah Falls School Tallulah Falls  GA  6-12  Co-Ed  467 
Tampa Preparatory School Tampa  FL  6-12  Co-Ed     680 
Tenacre Country Day School Wellesley  MA  PK-6  Co-Ed     191 
Thayer Academy Braintree  MA  6-12  Co-Ed     693 
The Albany Academies Albany  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     730 
The Athenian School Danville  CA  6-12  Co-Ed  478 
The Barnesville School Barnesville  MD  EC-8  Co-Ed     179 
The Barrie School Silver Spring  MD  PK-12  Co-Ed     350 
The Bay School of San Francisco San Francisco  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     280 
The Benjamin School North Palm Beach  FL  PK3 through 12  Co-Ed     1085 
The Berkeley Carroll School Brooklyn  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     812 
The Bosque School Albuquerque  NM  6-12  Co-Ed     550 
The Branson School Ross  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     320 
The Brookstone School Columbus  GA  PK-12  Co-Ed     811 
The Buckley School Sherman Oaks  CA  K-12  Co-Ed     770 
The Bullis School Potomac  MD  3-12  Co-Ed     645 
The Cambridge School of Weston Weston  MA  9-PG  Co-Ed  335 
The Canterbury School St. Petersburg  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     423 
The College Preparatory School Top 25 Oakland  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     350 
The College School Webster Groves  MO  PS-8  Co-Ed     270 
The Colorado Springs School Colorado Springs  CO  PK-12  Co-Ed     530 
The Columbus Academy Gahanna  OH  PK-12  Co-Ed     1072 
The Community School Sun Valley  ID  PK-12  Co-Ed     320 
The Country School Madison  CT  PK-8  Co-Ed     250 
The Culver Academies Culver  IN  9-12  Co-Ed  811 
The Davis Academy Atlanta  GA  K-8  Co-Ed     650 
The Derryfield School Manchester  NH  6-12  Co-Ed     380 
The Elisabeth Morrow School Englewood  NJ  PK-8  Co-Ed     462 
The Elon School Elon  NC  9-12  Co-Ed     84 
The Episcopal Academy Newtown Square  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     1224 
The Forman School Litchfield  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  210 
The Fulton School at St. Albans St. Albans  MO  PK-12  Co-Ed     116 
The Glenholme School Washington  CT  5-12  Co-Ed  105 
The Gordon School East Providence  RI  PK-8  Co-Ed     407 
The Governor's Academy Byfield  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  400 
The Gunnery Washington  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  298 
The Healdsburg School Healdsburg  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     154 
The Heiskell School Atlanta  GA  PS-8  Co-Ed     330 
The Hill School Pottstown  PA  9-PG  Co-Ed  520 
The Hun School Princeton  NJ  6-PG  Co-Ed  644 
The Knox School St. James  NY  6-PG  Co-Ed  200 
The Latin School of Chicago Chicago  IL  JK–12  Co-Ed     1110 
The Laurel School San Francisco  CA  K-8  Co-Ed     65 
The Leelanau School Glen Arbor  MI  9-12  Co-Ed  50 
The Lexington School Lexington  KY  PK2-8  Co-Ed     539 
The Marin School Sausalito  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     95 
The Master's School West Simsbury  CT  PK-12  Co-Ed     385 
The Masters School Dobbs Ferry  NY  5-12  Co-Ed  650 
The Meadows School Las Vegas  NV  PK-12  Co-Ed     900 
The Melrose School Brewster  NY  PK-8  Co-Ed     118 
The Miami Valley School Dayton  OH  PK-12  Co-Ed     450 
The Miquon School Conshohocken  PA  N-6  Co-Ed     145 
The Newman School Boston  MA  9-12  Co-Ed     260 
The North Broward Preparatory Schools Coconut Creek  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed  1375 
The Orme School Mayer  AZ  K-PG  Co-Ed  187 
The Out-of-Door Academy Sarasota  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     615 
The Peddie School Hightstown  NJ  9-PG  Co-Ed  564 
The Pennfield School Portsmouth  RI  PK-8  Co-Ed     196 
The Pennington School Pennington  NJ  6-12  Co-Ed  510 
The Phillips Brooks School Menlo Park  CA  K-5  Co-Ed     276 
The Pike School, Inc. Andover  MA  PK-9  Co-Ed     4389 
The Pine School Hobe Sound  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     500 
The Rashi School Dedham  MA  K-8  Co-Ed     300 
The Ron Clark Academy Atlanta  GA  5-8  Co-Ed     98 
The Sagemont School Weston  FL  PK3-12  Co-Ed     800 
The Schenck School Atlanta  GA  K-6  Co-Ed     250 
The Shipley School Bryn Mawr  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     847 
The St. Michael School of Clayton Clayton  MO  JK-8  Co-Ed      
The Stony Brook School Stony Brook  NY  7-12  Co-Ed  370 
The Storm King School Cornwall-On-Hudson  NY  7-12  Co-Ed     150 
The Swain School Allentown  PA  PK-8  Co-Ed     300 
The Thacher School Ojai  CA  9-12  Co-Ed  242 
The Waldorf School of Garden City Garden City  NY  N-12  Co-Ed     368 
The Walker School Marietta  GA  PK-12  Co-Ed     1074 
The Webb School Bell Buckle  TN  6-12  Co-Ed  315 
The Webb School of Knoxville Knoxville  TN  K-12  Co-Ed     1060 
The Webb Schools Claremont  CA  9-12  Co-Ed  413 
The Weber School Atlanta  GA  9-12  Co-Ed     229 
The White Mountain School Bethlehem  NH  9-PG  Co-Ed  125 
The Williams School New London  CT  7-12  Co-Ed     330 
The Williston Northampton School Easthampton  MA  7-PG  Co-Ed  530 
The Willow School Gladstone  NJ  K-8  Co-Ed     103 
The Winchendon School Winchendon  MA  9-12  Co-Ed  250 
The Woods Academy Bethesda  MD  PK-8  Co-Ed     303 
Thomas Jefferson School St. Louis  MO  7-12  Co-Ed  81 
Thornton Academy Saco  ME  6-12  Co-Ed  1630 
Thornton-Donovan School New Rochelle  NY  K-12  Co-Ed     175 
Tilton School Tilton  NH  9-PG  Co-Ed  257 
Tower Hill School Wilmington  DE  PS-12  Co-Ed     750 
Tower School Marblehead  MA  PK-8  Co-Ed     318 
Trevor Day School New York  NY  PK-12  Co-Ed     790 
Trinity Preparatory School Winter Park  FL  6-12  Co-Ed     834 
Trinity School Top 25 New York City  NY  K-12  Co-Ed     992 
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill Durham  NC  PK-12  Co-Ed     486 
Trinity School, Inc. Atlanta  GA  PK-6  Co-Ed     628 
Tuxedo Park School Tuxedo Park  NY  PK-9  Co-Ed     223 
University Laboratory High School Urbana  IL  7-12  Co-Ed     311 
University School of Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale  FL  PK-12  Co-Ed     1845 
Upland Country Day School Kennett Square  PA  PK-9  Co-Ed     200 
Urban School of San Francisco San Francisco  CA  9-12  Co-Ed     375 
Valley School of Ligonier Ligonier  PA  K-9  Co-Ed     195 
Verde Valley School Sedona  AZ  9-12  Co-Ed  120 
Vermont Academy Saxtons River  VT  9-PG  Co-Ed  230 
Viewpoint School Calabasas  CA  K-12  Co-Ed     1215 
Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School St. Louis  MO  PK-12  Co-Ed     729 
Villanova Preparatory School Ojai  CA  9-12  Co-Ed  315 
Virginia Episcopal School Lynchburg  VA  9-12  Co-Ed     245 
Walden Community School Winter Park  FL  6-12  Co-Ed     20 
Walnut Hill School for the Arts Natick  MA  9-PG  Co-Ed     310 
Wardlaw-Hartridge School Edison  NJ  PK-12  Co-Ed     420 
Wasatch Academy Mt. Pleasant  UT  8-12  Co-Ed  350 
Washington Academy East Machias  ME  9-12  Co-Ed  440 
Washington Episcopal School Bethesda  MD  PK-8  Co-Ed     319 
Washington Montessori School New Preston  CT  PK-8  Co-Ed     280 
Watkinson School Hartford  CT  6-12  Co-Ed     275 
Wayland Academy Beaver Dam  WI  9-12  Co-Ed  190 
Weinbaum Yeshiva High School Boca Raton  FL  9-12  Co-Ed     254 
Wesleyan School Norcross  GA  K-12  Co-Ed     1135 
Western Reserve Academy Hudson  OH  9-12  Co-Ed  400 
Westminster Christian Academy Saint Louis  MO  7-12  Co-Ed     940 
Westminster School Simsbury  CT  9-PG  Co-Ed  390 
Westminster Schools Atlanta  GA  K-12  Co-Ed     1854 
Westtown School West Chester  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed  660 
Wheeler School Providence  RI  PK-12  Co-Ed     791 
Whitefield Academy Mableton  GA  PK-4 to 12  Co-Ed     657 
Whitfield School St. Louis  MO  6-12  Co-Ed     440 
Wilbraham & Monson Academy Wilbraham  MA  6-PG  Co-Ed  425 
William Penn Charter School Philadelphia  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     960 
Winchester Thurston School Pittsburgh  PA  PK-12  Co-Ed     643 
Wolfeboro Camp School Wolfeboro  NH  6-12  Co-Ed  178 
Woodland School Portola Valley  CA  PK-8  Co-Ed     245 
Woodside Priory School Portola Valley  CA  6-12  Co-Ed  385 
Woodward Academy College Park  GA  PK-12  Co-Ed     2780 
Worcester Academy Worcester  MA  6-PG  Co-Ed  600 
Wyndcroft School Pottstown  PA  3 yrs.-8  Co-Ed     250 
Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School Kingston  PA  PK-PG  Co-Ed  796 
Young Scholars Charter School Philadelphia  PA  6-8  Co-Ed     240